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Presentations of New Topics Highlight Schedule for 4th Annual Forensic Science Symposium

Allentown, PA (March 14, 2006) – National experts in the field of forensic science will gather at Cedar Crest College's 4th Annual Forensic Science Symposium on March 25, 2006 from 8:00 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. in the College's Pool Science Center to share presentations about a variety of topics and techniques related to forensic science. The event is sponsored by the Cedar Crest College Forensic Science Program and the Forensic Science Student Organization.

High profile crimes in the headlines and popular culture fascination with the process of crime scene investigation are leading to new job opportunities and record student interest in forensic science. This year's symposium covers a wide array of topics including subjects that have not been addressed at this event before such as forensic entomology and forensic odontology.

"This meeting continues to be a great opportunity for some of the foremost scientists in the field to share knowledge and research not only with each other, but also with high school and college students, educators and other professionals in the community who have an active interest in forensic science," says Dr. Lawrence Quarino, director of the forensic program at Cedar Crest College.

In January 2005, the forensic science program at Cedar Crest was awarded full accreditation by the Forensic Science Education Programs Accreditation Commission (FEPAC). Of the 60 forensic science undergraduate programs in the U.S., only seven (including Cedar Crest) have received this accreditation. The forensic science program at Cedar Crest College is designed to give the necessary foundation along with areas that are unique to scientific investigation. Students are introduced to the use of the scientific method at a crime scene and in the examination of physical evidence. The program also introduces students to techniques typically used in scientific investigation such as photography, microscopy and DNA typing methods. Students also examine professional issues such as ethics, expert testimony and rules governing the admissibility of scientific evidence in the courtroom.

A list of presentations follows. Admission to the symposium is $10 for non-Cedar Crest students and $15 for all other participants and registration is necessary. For more information, please contact the Special Events Hotline at 610-740-3791.


Mass Disaster: WTC Experience
Barbara Bollinger, M.D.
Forensic Pathology Associates
Allentown, PA

CSI Effect and Crime Lab Culture
Jay Siegel, Ph.D., Director
Forensic Science Investigative Sciences
Indiana University, Purdue University, IN

Latent Fingerprint Comparison
Investigator Andrew Kehm
City of Bethlehem Police Department
Crime Scene Investigation Unit

Introduction of Low Copy Number DNA and Potential Application to Forensics
Theresa Caragine, Ph.D.
Department of Forensic Biology
Office of Chief Medical Examiner, NYC

An Overview of Forensic Entomology
Diana Johnson, MS
Forensic Scientist
New Jersey State Police, Office of Forensic Sciences

Forensic Ballistics and Tool Mark Analysis
Brian Gestring, Ph.D.
Pace University
New York, NY

An Introduction to Forensic Odontology
Henry Dondero, BS, MS, DDS
Professor of Dental Hygiene
Farmingdale State University of New York

Examination of WTC Deaths by Polarized Light Microscopy
Nicholas Petraco, MS
NYPD Forensic Sciences Laboratory, retired

Forensic Botany
Heather Miller Coyle, Ph.D.
University of New Haven
Forensic Science Program

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