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Allentown, PA (May 14, 2004) - Growing up as twin sisters, Kelly and Stacey Monaco, of Easton, have a special bond. They have been by each other's side since they were born. "We have done everything together for as long as I can remember, but the one thing we always said we would do was go to different colleges," says Kelly. Four years later, Kelly and Stacey are both about to graduate from Cedar Crest College, each with a bachelor of arts degree in elementary education and psychology.

"Stacey and I both like working with children and we were both interested in becoming teachers," says Kelly. "We heard that Cedar Crest had a really good education program and so we both applied and were accepted."

Now that classes are over, Kelly and Stacey are not only proud of themselves for what they have accomplished, but they are also proud of each other. "In the end, we took the same road, but it was a great journey," says Kelly.

Melanie Fehlinger and Lisa Potenzi, of Allentown, are also sisters who are graduating. Unlike Kelly and Stacey, Melanie and Lisa are lifelong learning students who faced different obstacles while trying to obtain their degrees. "Melanie and I hadn't been in school for several years and I was a single parent when we began at Cedar Crest," says Lisa. "We were both apprehensive about being able to endure the commitment of being back in school."

Throughout the difficult times, Melanie and Lisa stood by each other. Both double majors in psychology and education, Melanie and Lisa also completed their student teaching experience during the same semester. "It really became apparent that we were supporting each other while we were student teaching. We were constantly bouncing ideas off of one another and working on our lesson plans late into the night," says Lisa. "It was great to have someone who is so close to me who could understand both the exhaustion and the exhilaration."

As they are about to graduate, Melanie and Lisa have jointly been awarded the Virginia Staudt Sexton Award, given to the senior psychology major that has done outstanding work. "The pride that I have for my sister and for myself is almost overwhelming and to be able to graduate along side of her is such a special thing," says Lisa. "This is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity and I am going to relish the moment."

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