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Rodale Aquatic Center Announces New Lecture Series

Allentown, PA (October 11, 2004) - The Rodale Aquatic Center for Civic Health is pleased to announce a new fall lecture series that will explore topics related to the mind, body and spirit. The lecture series is also one of many programs developed as part of the Health Connection at Cedar Crest College.

"The mission of the Rodale Aquatic Center encompasses more than what can be learned in the pool," says Scott Rowlands, director of the Aquatic Center. "These lectures offer the community a chance to learn about and discuss interesting subjects that contribute to their overall well-being."

Each of the three lectures will be led by a Cedar Crest College professor and will highlight topics from psychology, art and nutrition disciplines. The schedule of lectures is as follows:

Tuesday, October 26, 2004
5:30 p.m. in the Rodale Aquatic Center Classroom
" Health and Dreams" with Dr. Micah Sadigh, assistant professor of psychology

Tuesday, November 9, 2004
5:30 p.m. in the Rodale Aquatic Center Classroom
" The Healing Aspect of Art" with Jill Odegaard, assistant professor of art

Tuesday, November 16, 2004
5:30 p.m. in the Rodale Aquatic Center Classroom
" Spa Cuisine: Cooking with Lentils" with Jane Ziegler, assistant professor of nutrition

For more information about the lecture series or to register for a session, contact the Rodale Aquatic Center at 610-606-4670 or e-mail aquatics@cedarcrest.edu.

The Health Connection at Cedar Crest College is a campus-wide program designed to improve mind, body and spirit. Its objective is to give students what they need to break the cycle of unhealthy behaviors and to develop at Cedar Crest a national research and action model for changing the habits of undergraduate women. The Health Connection also offers programs for the larger community and is comprised of a number of elements including Healthy U, a 10-12 week program that encourages participants to develop healthy behaviors and meet personal health and fitness goals, ongoing research, an annual conference, and public lectures and workshops.

About the Rodale Aquatic Center for Civic Health

The Rodale Aquatic Center is dedicated to fostering civic health and wellness by providing educational opportunities to the larger community, both alone and in cooperation with other organizations, that enhance the development of mind, body and spirit through a comprehensive array of aquatic classes, integrated with academic topics focused on healthy lifestyles. In addition to traditional swimming lessons for adults and children, the Aquatic Center strives to serve the diverse needs of the community with programs like Aqua Pilates/Ai Chi, Multiple Sclerosis Shallow Water, "Moms in Motion," Red Cross Certification, Health and Wellness lectures and many others. For a complete list of offerings, contact the Aquatic Center at 610-606-4670 or visit www.rodaleaquaticcenter.org.


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