Society for Asian Animation

Events Hosted by SAA

Aside from our two weekly meetings where we watch scheduled anime series, we also host multiple events throughout the year:

  • Asian Terror Movie Night: Every year around Halloween SAA hosts our Asian Terror Movie Night where we watch 2 Asian horror films as selected by members (and later donated to the library!) and have a costume contest with prizes!
  • Studio Ghibli Movie Night: Every year we choose two Studio Ghibli, most well-known for their association with Hayao Miyazaki, films to watch.
  • Bento Box Event: For this event we make and serve a variety of Japanese foods for any to enjoy or take with them - including sushi, dumplings, and onigiri, as well as many vegetarian options. Attendees are welcomed and encouraged to participate in food-making activities, and participants always report having a lot of fun with the experience.
  • Evathon: Our first event of the Spring semester in which we stay overnight to watch the entire 26 episode series Neon Genesis Evangelion. In 2012 we celebrated our 10th annual holding of this event!
  • Cherry Blossom Festival: In previous years we have gathered in the President's Garden and celebrated with tea and snacks. For 2012 we will be making a trip to Philadelphia's Cherry Blossom Festival for Sakura Sunday.

Other Events: SAA also hosts many other new and fun events such as:

  • Hanafuda card game night, in which a tournament was held for this Japanese card game
  • Trip to MangaNEXT convention
  • Varying movie nights including:
    • Akira, Battle Royale
    • Fooly Cooly
    • Sailor Moon Movie Night.

Evathon 2012