Cedar Crest College Campus Police

E2Campus Emergency Notification System

In the event of an emergency or dangerous situation involving an immediate threat to the health or safety of the campus, the Cedar Crest College Campus Police will utilize the "E2Campus Emergency Notification System" to inform the campus community of the situation and clarify the steps to be taken (i.e. evacuation and avoidance of dangerous areas, etc.). Evacuation routes are posted in buildings.

All incoming students are informed about E2Campus during orientation and newly hired staff are informed when hired. E-mails are also sent to all students and staff every semester to explain the availability of E2Campus. E2Campus uses text messages and e-mails to notify all registered students, staff and faculty and is available cost free to everyone.

Students and staff can sign-up for E2Campus by simply clicking on the link on the Cedar Crest College website and filling out the registration form. It should be noted that anyone with a Cedar Crest College e-mail will receive at least a notification on that account. Campus Police will immediately dispatch officers to evaluate all emergency situations. At a minimum, the Campus Police will test this emergency response and evacuation procedure on an annual basis.







Campus Police
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