Best of the Crest Awards

Each year, the Student Government Association (SGA) presents awards to outstanding members of the Cedar Crest College community. Awards are given to student in recognition of their contribution to the college for involvement, leadership, creativity, and personal growth as leaders. Three awards also recognize the work of student organizations on campus. Two are given to faculty, staff, or administrator for outstanding contributions to the leadership development of students and clubs and organizations. This year’s Best of the Crest Leadership Ceremony will be held at the Lehigh Country Club on Sunday, April 17,2016.

In order to ensure that all members of the campus community are considered for awards, SGA encourages everyone to take the time to nominate those who have made a significant contribution to the Cedar Crest College community. Self-nominations will not be accepted. Student accomplishments that are the result of paid work are eligible, if the nominator can explain how the nominee has gone above and beyond the expectations of the position.

To submit a nomination, please click on the award title. All nominations are due February 26, 2016 by 4:30 p.m. Award recipients are chosen by a committee composed of faculty/staff and students.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact SGA at

Student Awards

Capstone Student Leader: For a student in her/his junior or senior year who has demonstrated a capacity for impacting the Cedar Crest community and served as a role model to younger students

Emerging Student Leader: For a first year student or sophomore who has shown initiative, motivation, and potential for continued student leadership early in his/her career.

Outstanding Student Involvement: To the individual who is highly involved within the campus community without sacrificing efficiency and dedication.

Skills Award—Creativity: To the individual who has demonstrated outstanding innovation and leadership in co-curricular activities.

Skills Award—Programming: To the individual who has most noticeably developed and exercised effective skills in programming.

Unsung Hero: For a student from any class level who may or may not hold a formal position, but whose behind-the-scenes dedication and labors have proven invaluable to the success of a project, program, cause or movement on campus.

Organization Award

Student Organization of the Year: For a student organization that has consistently made positive contributions to the campus community and encouraged leadership through its membership, events, or programmatic initiatives.

Faculty/Staff/Administration Awards

Outstanding Advisor Award: Given to the advisor who has been deemed by their club or organization as someone who has shown dedication to supporting the club, its members and the events and programmatic initiatives created by the membership.

Miguel Marroquin Award: Dedicated to the family and staff of Miguel Marroquin. Given to the staff member who demonstrates a Students First Attitude and commitment to working with students.