Campus Committees

Bookstore Committee: This committee focuses on the college bookstore to generate new ideas and to analyze current trends.

Curriculum and Academic Policy: CAPC’s duties include reviewing new course proposals, new programs, majors and various academic policy proposals. Meetings are every Thursday at 11am.

Food Services: This committee focuses on making recommendations, listening to concerns, issues, ideas and suggestions for improvement.

Social Events Committee: This committee focuses on planning events for Fall/Spring semester. Some of the events may be: Casino Night, Best of the Crest, Themed Parties etc. If you have great ideas and love to plan parties please feel free to join. You can also send ideas to the Studgov account if you can’t make the meetings.

Weekend committee: This committee would love students who are willing to contribute to one or more of the following areas. Create games (i.e. roommate game, what will the questions be?) Program Hosts (someone with great personality, presence/energy, speaking voice) Program Organizers (delegate assignments and count attendees to staff for 1-2 programs) Drive vans-must be van certified (I will pay going work-study rate for this job) Van/Shuttle Hosts (count attendees) Report writer (write 1 page summary reports of what happened, who and how many attended, what worked or didn't work.)