The Crest Awards

The Crest Awards are presented each year to three graduating senior women whose contributions to the Cedar Crest College community has not only made them the most outstanding student leaders of their class, but has also helped build a stronger community. This tradition, begun in 1995, is one of the many College traditions which transcends time and captures the essence of the spirit of the women who have walked these campus grounds for more than 125 years.

One Crest Award is chosen for each figure of a woman appearing on the College Seal.

  • RELIGIO, the seated figure on the left of the Seal represents a student who strives to apply enduring standards of value to the circumstances of her life, to guide her own actions, and to demonstrate those values to others.
  • LIBERTAS, the figure in the center of the Seal, lifts a lighted torch and represents a student who stands as a guardian of the liberal arts and the personal freedom of individuals.
  • SCIENTIA, the seated figure on the right of the Seal represents a student who scans the globe for opportunities to extend her learning skills into the community for the benefit of others.

These three women are selected based on their continual commitment to Cedar Crest College throughout their collegiate career. The Crest Awards are presented at the Best of the Crest Leadership Ceremony in April and the awards may be worn by the graduate during the Commencement Ceremony.

Please click on the link below to submit a nomination form for one of the three Crest Awards. Nominations are solicited from all students, clubs, and organizations and reviewed by a committee of faculty, administrators, and Student Government officers. Any senior that has or will be graduating within the current academic year (May, December, or June) is eligible to be nominated. All nominations are due on  February 20, 2015 by 4:30 p.m.

Self nominations will not be accepted.

Click here for Nomination Form


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