Spanish Club


Our goal is to foster awareness of the Hispanic population on campus while providing educational opportunities and culturally enriched events for the entire community.

The Club strives to promote a positive image of the Hispanic culture and to educate its members about the diversity and the current social issues found in the many countries that make up el Mundo Hispano (the Hispanic world).

The club offers its members a warm and friendly environment, characteristic of the Hispanic community, as well as both academic and social support while making meaningful connections with the other individuals that are a part of the Club.

All members of the Cedar Crest College community are eligible to join the club including students, faculty, staff, and alumnae.

Why would I want to join Spanish Club?

  1. Learn about Hispanic/Latino culture and language.
  2. Cultivate new, dynamic friendships.
  3. Try out new foods, customs, dances, traditions, etc.
  4. Celebrate and promote diversity.
  5. Develop the skills to educate others.
  6. Explore new places and participate in fun activities and events.
  7. Find your "fit" so you may feel comfortable and at home on campus.
  8. Seek out leadership opportunities.
  9. Demonstrate love and appreciation for your heritage.
  10. Join and meet others with similar interests.


Popular Events

Spanish Harlem Trip in NYC

A group of students got a chance to explore first hand the living and breathing of Spanish culture on the streets of “El Barrio” in Harlem, New York. The day trip included a visit to "El Barrio" museum, a walking tour to the adjacent colorful neighborhood, exploring inside of la botánica, and feeling the music, the art, and the poetry as you can only feel them on the streets of Harlem.


Lunch at a local Mexican Restaurant

Club members relaxing and enjoying delicious mexican food lunch just before the finals!


Trivia Night

Officers, club members and students participating in a night filled with rounds of questions, refreshments, prizes and music!


Día de los Muertos

Click here for more information on Día de Los Muertos.


Día de Campo


Picasso Trip