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Allison Fritchman:
"Each experience allows me to grow and say I have a bigger portfolio, and really enjoy who I am. Cedar Crest has given me such a great gift to be this person."

Background and Context

From its humble beginnings as Allentown Female College to its prestigious status on Forbes list of Top Ten Women’s Colleges, Cedar Crest has always been at the forefront of women’s education. The College’s success at educating women has meant different things at various points in our history: in 1867, imparting a college education equivalent to programs accessible to men while also preparing students for roles as wives and mothers; later, balancing the liberal arts with the nation’s need for wartime workers, including trained medical technologists and nurses; in the 1960’s and 1970’s, providing a forum for the study and discussion of the gender inequality issues raised by the women’s movement; and, with the dawn of the age of technology, equipping students for success in emerging career areas.

Cedar Crest has successfully served the ever-shifting needs of six generations of leaders. Throughout the decades, Cedar Crest College has remained an independent, comprehensive, liberal arts college for women. This commitment to women’s education has not wavered. In the second decade of this new millennium it is evident that Cedar Crest continues to be called to educate women leaders for a new era. More than ever, our call is to be the model of a 21st century women’s college.

Never has our task been more challenging. The roles women are expected to fill are more demanding than ever, influenced by complex social, political, economic, and cultural issues, powerful global technologies, and difficult personal and professional decisions.

Cedar Crest is uniquely positioned to meet this challenge. Our academic program is characterized by a rich and full array of educational choices, unique learning experiences, and opportunities to interact and collaborate with world class faculty scholars who are committed teachers. Our professional staff is dedicated to the formation of students, creating an environment that cultivates learning and development outside of the classroom. Cedar Crest’s student body is talented and engaged, with a strong sense of community. Our alumnae live our shared values off campus while remaining tied to and supportive of their alma mater.

These groups provide countless examples of successful leaders in astonishingly diverse roles worldwide. They inspire us to rededicate the College to educating the next generation of leaders with renewed energy and commitment.

It is in this context that we present the Strategic Plan for Cedar Crest College

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