Cedar Crest’s students define our College

Strengthening our enrollment

In a fundamental way, Cedar Crest’s students define our College. They are attracted by a broad and challenging academic program, an excellent faculty, and a supportive community on a beautiful campus. Students are also a great resource for the College, as the quality and size of the student body affects our institutional prestige and financial resources, and helps us to attract other top students and faculty to our academic community.

We will expand enrollment in both the traditional and adult sectors.

Most of the initiatives in the Strategic Plan are directly aimed at increasing enrollment and raising Cedar Crest’s academic profile to an even higher level. In addition to these new programs, we have already begun to implement innovative strategies in both the admissions and retention areas that will significantly improve enrollment over the life of this Strategic Plan.

We will work to attract students of high aptitude and motivation.

The admissions area has adopted a variety of targeted recruitment methods. A scholarship competition and tiered merit aid based on SAT/ACT scores will also help attract the most academically talented and engaged students. Faculty will be involved in these and other admissions efforts so that prospective students will have the most complete information about academic programs and a sense of the importance of faculty/student interaction.

We will seek to enroll students across all disciplinary areas of the College.

Strategies for attracting students across a wider range of disciplines will address current imbalances in enrollment across majors. In particular, our liberal arts mission will be strengthened when there are more students interested in pursuing degrees in traditional liberal arts disciplines.

We will commit to increase diversity in all its forms.

We recognize that in order to fulfill its mission, Cedar Crest must more closely reflect the “global community” in which our graduates will live and work. The College will benefit academically and socially by raising our level of diversity in all its forms. Diverse people and voices in the classroom contribute to more profound learning for all students; individuals who have been educated in a cross-cultural environment have higher critical thinking skills and the ability to facilitate unique and creative approaches to problem solving arising from the integration of different perspectives. Outside of the classroom, diversity across campus will cultivate greater respect and appreciation for differences in people and ideas. We commit to expanding our community to reflect the richness of races and cultures in American society and our intercultural world, enabling us to better prepare the next generation of leaders.

We will implement retention strategies.

Retention will also be a strategic area of focus. A faculty/staff committee will be implementing a number of recommendations designed to increase student retention. We will be addressing academic preparedness issues through placement exams, a summer bridge program, and a Master Student course. The academic advising system will provide more extensive student assessment, academic planning, and career counseling. Students will connect with their academic department earlier so they can benefit from departmental relationships and mentoring. Campus life will be enhanced through many initiatives in the Strategic Plan and other exciting activities and events. High performing students will be offered opportunities for more advanced study.

We are committed to the implementation of these enrollment strategies and others that will be developed as the Strategic Plan is updated, and expect these efforts to dramatically improve our enrollment profile.

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