Key Initiative 1:
Adult Learning Center

Adult education has become one of the fastest growing areas in higher education. This initiative is designed to position the College to seize the opportunities presented by this burgeoning sector of the educational market in ways that support Cedar Crest’s mission as a liberal arts college for women dedicated to the education of the next generation of leaders. Consistent with the character of the Strategic Plan, the proposal is infused with entrepreneurial spirit, yet mindful of reality.

The proposal is predicated upon two propositions: first, to distinguish Cedar Crest within an increasingly crowded field of educational providers, the College should endeavor to develop a distinctive identity for itself in the realm of adult education; and second, to heighten Cedar Crest’s appeal in the marketplace, the College should work to align both the content and delivery of its academic programs with the preferences of the current generation of adult learners.

On the basis of a preliminary review by the President’s Cabinet for Strategic Planning, the proposal was deemed to be a strategic initiative meriting more detailed consideration. Given the complexity of the undertaking, an Evening College Commission composed of faculty, staff and administrators representing key campus-wide constituencies, was formed to resolve the major organizational and programming issues raised by the proposal and to devise a strategy that will significantly increase adult student enrollment at Cedar Crest over the next several years. The Commission’s work will be informed by a review of the literature on adult education as well as the results of a market research study.

According to projections compiled by the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), adult education at both the undergraduate and graduate levels is poised to enter a period of steady and substantial growth in the coming decade and women will lead this expansion. Cedar Crest’s program of study, location, and reputation position the College to seize the opportunities presented by the growing numbers of adult learners.

This proposal and the work of the Commission will establish Cedar Crest College as a premier provider of adult education in our geographic area.

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