Key Initiative 13:
Integrated Cross-Cultural Studies Certificate

The Certificate in Integrated Cross-Cultural Studies will offer undergraduate students the opportunity to enhance their program of study in any major. This certificate will supplement their major coursework and enable them to gain knowledge and skills that will help them to live and work in a global era, a unique and valuable opportunity for a student in any major program.

The student will choose coursework with a cultural or international element from a broad array of disciplines, including the humanities, social sciences, and professional areas. Classes span the full scope of international offerings on campus, providing students with a holistic perspective on the factors that shape and define cultures.
The program offers a variety of opportunities for faculty teaching different courses to collaborate on a common theme and design projects that would allow students to demonstrate their appreciation of the cross-disciplinary nature of the experience.

An essential component of the Certificate in Integrated Cross-Cultural Studies is a study abroad experience of the student’s choice. This study may be connected to a course in the program, or it may be a different, unrelated experience.

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