Key Initiative 16:
Media Studies and Visual Communication Majors

The field of Communication is at the heart of much of what we do at Cedar Crest. As an interdisciplinary major, it connects the social sciences, humanities, arts, performing arts, and business through film, photography, video, media studies, popular culture analysis and criticism, advertising, marketing, public relations, and more. Extra-curricular activities in Communication help to define and shape the voice of our students through the campus newspaper, radio station, and TV studio.

This exciting new group of majors in the discipline will offer students fresh opportunities to pursue study in a field that is in high demand, particularly among women.

The Visual Communication major will consist of both the production and the analysis of communication processes that rely primarily on visual content as the means of conveying information, such as still and moving images, graphic design, illustration, and typography. This will be an interdisciplinary major, combining Art, Business, and Communication, allowing students to create a concentration in a specific area of interest, such as advertising design or digital multimedia production.

The Media Studies major will apply a liberal arts approach to the analysis and critique of media industries and texts. Media Studies includes: the study of the social impacts of media, aesthetics, the history of media, media ethics, film studies, the effect of media on public policy and public opinion, the relationship between media and the law, free speech issues and the public sphere, and other areas.
Students will use new technologies, equipment, methodologies, and facilities that will prepare them for a wide array of career and graduate study possibilities.

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