Key Initiative 19:
Strategic Leadership for Women Certificate

The Certificate in Strategic Leadership for Women prepares talented mid-level female managers with knowledge and skills to be more effective leaders and managers, increase their personal impact in the workplace, and play an instrumental role in building their organization or business unit.

This Certificate program will align Cedar Crest with a network of women business leaders, building an academic/corporate partnership with benefits for both the College and businesses. Infrastructure for the Certificate will also include a database and web site for active networking on Facebook/Linked In and other open source communities.

Students will learn and practice the most contemporary and most effective strategies for managing and leading people. Business ethics will be interwoven into the Certificate curriculum.
A course on effective negotiation will use a combination of discussion, case analysis, and role play to build an understanding of the process of negotiating and include an assessment of the student’s own personal style of negotiation, her strengths and weaknesses, and techniques for improvement.

Teaching/learning techniques will include simulated learning, professional guest speakers, case studies, group discussion, and high-performance teams. A three-day internship with a top female manager will provide students with personal leadership coaching.

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