Key Initiative 2:
Art Therapy Master’s Degree

Cedar Crest is the only Lehigh Valley college to offer an Art Therapy focus, and this has become an area of strength and distinction in the undergraduate art program, experiencing a steady growth in enrollment.

This proposal creates the framework for an M.A. degree in Art Therapy. The program would attract practitioners in a number of fields including social work, psychology, education, counseling, and other health care and human service areas who are seeking to learn new ways to improve the emotional, psychological, and physical health of those in their care. The program would also offer new opportunities for our undergraduate majors in those fields to pursue a career in art therapy to enhance their bachelor degree area. Adults with an undergraduate degree in art or a related area may wish to discover a new and exciting career path that uses their past art training. Practicing teachers, counselors, and social workers may seek to gain a working knowledge of art therapy techniques they can use to complement traditional therapies.

The program would prepare students in the fundamental methods of art therapy, including the use of visual arts to help clients express themselves in healthy ways, explore their creativity, communicate effectively, and overcome developmental, emotional, and psychological difficulties. Art therapies have been used successfully in the full range of psychotherapeutic contexts, from severe disturbance and trauma to the full realization of human potential and growth. Students will develop skills and learn strategies for communication, instruction, leadership, counseling, and assessment.

The employment outlook for this degree is promising, as many health care facilities and organizations employ art therapists to help patients overcome problems and establish healthier lifestyles through the power of the creative process.

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