Key Initiative 20:
Study Abroad Program Expansion

This campus-wide initiative will expand and enhance opportunities for students to travel, study, and learn in international settings. In direct alignment with Cedar Crest’s mission to prepare women for life in a global community, the College will create a Study Abroad infrastructure to design, coordinate, and support student learning experiences abroad.

Cedar Crest College is a natural place to house a prestigious Study Abroad Program. An ethical, responsible, appreciative understanding of the cultures of others, knowledge of how to relate to and interact with people beyond our borders, and a mastery of the skills required to be an effective leader in the global community – these are values inherent in a liberal arts education. The role of women in these efforts is an important area of focus.

The goals of this program are far-reaching and will expand as the proposal is implemented. The Study Abroad office will increase the number of students studying abroad; assist faculty in planning and supporting short trips away; develop Cedar Crest College study abroad programs “in-country;” and develop mutually beneficial relationships with colleges and universities overseas that could result in faculty and student exchanges.

There is already significant activity in this area and each year there is increased faculty interest and student demand for study abroad. The Study Abroad Program will provide support for international study, internship, research, and service learning, provide scholarships for students to travel and study, and develop sister-college relationships with international colleges and universities, especially in developing countries, to provide international experiences/exchanges for our students and to help promote women’s education in areas of the world where such education is under-developed.

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