Key Initiative 21:
Women’s Leadership Institute

The reframing of Cedar Crest’s mission to place a central focus on women’s leadership inspires the campus to devise new and exciting ways to prepare students to be leaders in the wide range of roles our graduates will fill. The Women’s Leadership Institute will partner with departments on campus as well as the local community and global entities to provide Cedar Crest College students with a full range of curricular and co-curricular experiences designed to enhance the richness of their intellectual, social, and emotional selves while building the foundation of their roles as women leaders.

A key component of the Institute is an interdisciplinary course in Women’s Leadership, to be developed by faculty with expertise in leadership curricula. This course would be team-taught and include such topics as leadership principles and skills, communication styles, leadership vs. management, negotiation and persuasion, team building and group dynamics, motivation, organizational values, diversity, financial management, and public speaking.

The Institute will sponsor a Women’s Leadership Series of events, forums, and other activities around the topic of leadership development. These activities will help students develop specific leadership skills as well as an understanding of the connection between leadership and success. Students will be recognized for participation in this series.

Other Institute projects include faculty/student collaboration in multidisciplinary research on women’s leadership, a small library made available to scholars on and off campus, and renewed interest in Omicron Delta Kappa, the national honor society dedicated to the recognition of leadership and scholarship.

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