Key Initiative 22:
Writing Resource Initiative

This proposal consists of two initiatives: upgrading the College’s literary magazine infrastructure and establishing a visiting lecturer series.

The College literary magazine is a showcase for creative work produced by Cedar Crest students, a teaching instrument by which students gain editorial and production skills and increased understanding of the creative arts, and an aid to demonstrating Cedar Crest’s commitment to the liberal arts in communication with prospective students and financial supporters of the College.

Cedar Crest’s magazine, In Other Words, will be upgraded in a number of ways. Staff writers will use the latest production software to improve the operation as well as the quality of the final publication. The proposal creates editor internships to be filled by the student editors of the literary magazine. The opportunity for students to edit and publish a literary magazine offers valuable professional training for students who wish to go on in writing and publishing careers. Dedicated office space available to the magazine’s staff will be expanded to allow for staff meetings, review and editing of work submitted, and discussions of layout and other issues. Computer equipment will be enhanced with networked PC workstations for corresponding with writers and other artists, graphic work, and online research. To accommodate a planned electronic version of the magazine, server space will be allocated for current and archived editions.

The second initiative will create an annual lecture series of distinguished speakers, including well-known writers. One of the great opportunities students experience in a college environment is exposure to the richness of academic life, particularly occasions when scholars and accomplished professionals come to campus to lecture and interact with students in a small group setting. Students benefit immeasurably from these experiences, gaining knowledge and inspiration that may have a profound influence on their lives and careers. Such a program also has benefits in the wider community, both in terms of visibility for the College and the potential for recruiting and retaining students.

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