Key Initiative 4:
Chemistry Professional Science Master’s Degree

The Professional Science Master’s is a new, rapidly expanding degree area that is being called the MBA for scientists and mathematicians. It is projected to become one of the 21st century’s most valuable degrees, designed to train future managers to navigate the business of science in the industrial and corporate workplace.

There is broad government and industry support for this degree area. The National Research Council’s Committee on Enhancing the Master’s degree in the Natural Sciences indicated that the availability of the PSM degree should be expanded to increase U.S. competitiveness. The report recommends federal and state funding as well as grants from philanthropic organizations to help build PSM programs, and the degree is cited in The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 as well as the National Science Foundation’s Joint Explanatory Statement, which allocates $15,000,000 for Professional Science Master’s Programs.

This will be an interdisciplinary program that includes rigorous advanced training in science as well as business and management expertise required for success in industry, business, government and non-profit sectors, culminating in an internship experience. The graduate will emerge with a solid science background as well as strong business skills, including communication, leadership, project management, and team building.

Currently no other institution is offering this degree program; Cedar Crest has the potential to be a leader in this area, given the College’s strength in the sciences.

The program will also establish connections with local/regional industry to provide advisory support for program development and internship experiences.

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