Key Initiative 8:
Crime Science Master’s Degree

The Master’s in Crime Science will be a multidisciplinary degree with study in Criminal Justice, Psychology, Forensic Science, and Computer Science. The degree would focus on a behavioral approach to criminal justice, developing practical skills that can be applied in a number of professional settings, as opposed to the traditional theoretical approach offered in most graduate programs in Crime Science. Designed as an evaluation of human behavior from a psychological, geographical, and scientific perspective, the program would have broad appeal with current students in psychology and criminal justice as well as working professionals seeking to advance their careers.

Students will take coursework in crime theory, geographical perspectives of crime and community, forensic psychology, forensic science, and computer forensics, including the use of advanced methods and technology. The program emphasizes the application of classroom knowledge directly to field settings to enhance the quality of individual or community service.

The crime science field is expanding; the criminal justice system is one of the few areas of continual growth in the U.S. Job outlook projections estimate that employment will grow by 10% in the next decade, and so this will continue to be a promising career area. Graduates will be prepared for positions in government agencies, the private sector, and nonprofit agencies.

The Master’s Degree in Crime Science appeals to students graduating with a bachelor’s degree who wish to obtain a graduate degree prior to entering the workforce as well as criminal justice professionals already in the field.

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