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Lisa Antoine:
"I have been able to look at the world differently. Last semester I did a study abroad and being away from Cedar Crest I noticed how much I learned just being here."

The strategic planning process

In her first month in office, on September 5, 2008, President Ambar delivered an All-College Address announcing that Cedar Crest would “embark upon a vigorous strategic planning process ... involving students, faculty, alumnae, staff, and trustees over the course of the next 12-18 months … requiring deep thinking and deep work.”
The community embraced this invitation with enthusiasm, excitement, and creativity, participating in an intense strategic planning process that was unprecedented at Cedar Crest, including:

  • Broad discussions of the College’s mission and a reframing of our Mission Statement
  • A campus environmental scan to determine core focus areas
  • Creation of foundational documents, including a Vision Statement and Statement of Shared Values
  • Development of five Broad Principles based on areas of strength and accomplishment
  • Eighty initiatives proposed by faculty and staff
  • Development of Implementation Plans for proposals with broad campus support
  • Financial analysis and Measurable Outcomes for final proposals

The process was remarkably open and inclusive, distinguished by opportunities for all campus constituencies to shape the process, contribute ideas, and comment on progress. Substantive discussions at each step of the process occurred at

  • Trustee meetings in October, February, and May
  • Monthly faculty meetings
  • Student Government meetings
  • Academic and administrative department meetings
  • Student and alumnae focus groups
  • A day-long Faculty/Staff Summit
  • Implementation subcommittees of faculty and staff

A Strategic Planning website posted information and documents, and an email address provided a mechanism for those at a distance to participate. Documents with higher confidentiality were posted on the campus intranet for limited access. Ideas and comments from meetings, discussion groups, and the internet were plentiful and diverse, providing a rich resource to fuel the strategic planning process.

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