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Shannon Duncan:
"We have interviewers on staff; we have also career planning—there’s people to help you step by step to proceed with your courses and pursue your career."

Vision Statement

With this Strategic Plan we articulate a clear vision for Cedar Crest College. Our Vision Statement defines the College we aspire to create through the ideas and the energy expressed herein.

Cedar Crest College will be a leader in educating women by…

  • providing an excellent and rigorous academic program with strength in a broad array of disciplines and guided by a faculty of the highest quality;
  • integrating women’s leadership into all aspects of academic and student affairs.
  • cultivating the importance of thinking globally and behaving ethically;
  • enhancing the status of women in the local community, nationally, and in the global society;
  • broadening the educational landscape to encompass opportunities to learn in any place and at every age;
  • fostering a spirited and engaged community of teachers and learners;
  • creating a synergy between the academic program and co-curricular activities that results in a vibrant and dynamic student life;
  • promoting diversity through initiatives that make a college education accessible and affordable and create a campus environment that is appealing to all students;
  • establishing itself as a first-choice college for women seeking to achieve at the highest level in their chosen field of study;
  • developing graduate education as a distinctive area of the College;
  • building partnerships that expand students’ experiences beyond our campus borders;
  • enhancing campus facilities and strengthening financial resources to secure the future vitality of the College.

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