Broad Principles

  • Scholarship, Liberal Arts, Creativity
  • Women's Leadership
  • Global Connectivity
  • Civic Engagement
  • Health & Wellness

Shared Values

  • Scholarship
  • Honor
  • Social Responsibility and Service
  • Creativity
  • Community

22 Key Initiatives


An Exciting New Plan Guides Our Course

Shortly after President Carmen Ambar took office in September 2008, Cedar Crest College launched into an intense strategic planning process. All of us—students, faculty, alumnae, staff and trustees—embraced the opportunity to discuss our college’s mission, vision and values.

We produced several key documents including a new Mission Statement. We also adopted 22 initiatives to enhance our existing academic strengths and create new learning and leadership opportunities for our students. These areas—a college-wide consensus on our future direction—will be our top priorities for the next decade.

 Download Strategic Plan