Tompkins College Center

Facility Reservation Request

Event in SamuelsAll non-classroom space and special event requests must be made through the College Center office. These spaces include, but are not limited to the TCC. Other frequently requested spaces include Lees Hall Gymnasium, Alumnae Hall Auditorium, Harmon Hall of Peace, and Hamilton Boulevard Building Conference rooms.

If you also require the use of Audio Visual equipment, the College can provide Audio-Visual services. Please notify the office of College Center Services of your requirements 7 days prior to your arrival.

Available equipment
Overhead Projector
Slide Projector
Video Projector
Data Projector
DVD Projector
Technical assistant – additional fees may apply

Facility Reservation Request forms may be dropped off at the College Center Office or Information Desk, they may be faxed to the College Center Office at 610-606-4617, or sent via inter-campus mail. Students may also request space through the office of Student Activities.

In order to book classroom space please contact the Registrar's Office at

Facility Reservation Request Form (printable adobe pdf)
Facility Reservation Request Form (word docx)

Please Note: This form is for internal requests from the campus community only. All external event requests must contact the College Center office directly.