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The 'Cedar Crest College Woman' Through the Eyes of Art Student Gabrielle Buzgo

This is the first in a series of articles on an art exhibition curated by senior integrated art major Gabrielle Buzgo, titled, Where the Women Are: Defining the Cedar Crest College Woman. This installment focuses on Buzgo’s inspiration for the exhibition, which will open on November 3 in Alumnae Hall and include art of all types from students and alumnae.

Gabrielle BuzgoGabrielle Buzgo began designing and making clothes for herself when was seven, so she’s always had a creative streak. Still, when she arrived at Cedar Crest College as a first-year student on an art scholarship, she wasn’t so self-assured.

“As a freshman I didn’t even consider myself an artist. I was terrified of taking Drawing 1 and I was very reserved in my participation in the arts,” she said.
During that first year, however, Buzgo became transformed. She began working as a curator in the Marcia Lynn Walsh Alumnae Museum on campus, which gave her a sense of the 143-year tradition of Cedar Crest. In future years, she got involved in designing and building sets for performing arts events, as well as assisting Cedar Crest Gallery Coordinator Brian Wiggins with preparations for the College’s art exhibitions.

“In talking to (Art Professor) Nelson Maniscalco, it became apparent that I am comfortable being a behind the scenes kind of person,” she said. “I like art, and I think I have a good eye for where things should go.”

Last year, during Buzgo’s portfolio review, Art Professor Pat Badt suggested that some gallery space could be open for Buzgo to plan an exhibition from soup to nuts. After months of thought, Buzgo decided to combine her knowledge of the history of Cedar Crest with her passion for women’s education. The result is Where the Women Are: Defining the Cedar Crest College Woman.

I thought I’d ask Cedar Crest students to define their experience here as a woman, which is a huge question. Ask any student why they came to Cedar Crest or about their experiences, and they’ll give you a million reasons why someone should come here,” said Buzgo, who is also curator of the Woman photo gallery that is currently installed in the alumnae museum, which chronicles Cedar Crest women through the years. “I’ve gotten a lot of feedback on the concept of the show and it’s been very supportive. People are excited.”

For information on the art exhibition send email to: gmbuzgo@cedarcrest.edu.