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Program Celebrates Mexican Holiday of Dia De Los Muertos

Dia De Los Muertos Celebration an Entertaining Look at Mexican Culture
When the Spanish Conquistadors landed in what is now Mexico, they encountered natives practicing a 3,000-year-old ritual that seemed to mock death. Unlike the Spaniards, who viewed death as the end of life, the natives viewed it as the continuation of life. They built alters to remember their loved ones, and welcomed back their spirits.

To celebrate this ritual and provide insight into another culture, Cedar Crest College held a celebration of the Mexican holiday of Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) on November 1 and 2. During lunch hour on November 2, Tompkins College Center dining hall was filled with students who eagerly cheered on Mexican dancers and musicians and who viewed the traditional Alter de Muertos, which students decorated the day before.

The event was brought to campus by The Cedar Crest College Spanish program, in collaboration with the Latin American Student Organization, the Cultural Programs Committee, and the multicultural center on campus. For more on the Dia de los Muertos event, including interviews with students and Spanish instructor Amelia Moreno, as well as traditional Mexican music and dancing, watch the video.