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Cedar Crest College Offers Tips to Eat ‘Healthy’ This Holiday Season

The Allen Center for Nutrition at Cedar Crest College visits schools, daycare centers, social service agencies, and more throughout the year to help families prepare nutritious meals and make healthy eating choices—but the holiday season creates special challenges.
Barbara Carlson, professor of nutrition at the College and a registered dietitian, offered the following suggestions to eat "Healthy" this holiday season in spite of all the lavish meals and tasty treats:

H – Heap your plate with vegetables.
E – Eat a small piece of fruit or small salad about 30 minutes before the meal. A small, healthy snack helps control your appetite.
A – Add fiber to holiday meals by choosing a whole grain bread or salad that includes dried beans or lentils. Fiber is healthy and filling.
L – Leave most of the high fat and sugar items in the pantry or fridge. Offer fresh fruit for dessert along with small portions of that special holiday pie. Choose low-fat dairy, low-fat sauces or defatted gravy as meal accompaniments.
T – Trim your intake by taking small portions and eating slowly.
H – Help boost your energy use by taking a walk…not a nap after the meal.
Y – YOU make the holidays happy…so enjoy a special meal that includes both family favorites and healthy options.

"Of course, nothing beats a visit with a registered dietitian, who can help families make healthier nutrition choices all year," added Carlson.

Cedar Crest College boasts a strong nutrition program, offering an undergraduate degree in nutrition and post-baccalaureate dietetic internship.