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Cedar Crest Students Present at Medieval Studies Conference

Kara Welch
Kara Welch

Cedar Crest College senior Kara Welch and junior Andrea Barner recently presented papers at the Sixth Undergraduate Conference in Medieval & Early Modern Studies at Moravian College. Welch presented her paper, “Fate and Free Will as They Facilitate Character Development in The Mists of Avalon,” in the session titled, “Philosophy and Literature.” Barner presented her paper, “The Lais of Marie de France: Predecessor to the Modern Romance,” in the session titled, “Marie de France and Women’s Voices in Medieval French Literature.” They were joined at the conference by English Professor Carol Pulham.

Both Barner and Welch began their research in spring 2011 in two different classes, said Pulham, who taught the courses. Barner’s research originated in her final paper for ENG 312: “Women and Medieval Literature,” while Welch’s research originated in the honors course “The Quest,” which traces Arthurian literature from its beginnings to the present.

Of the experience Sixth Undergraduate Conference in Medieval & Early Modern Studies, Pulham said: “Both Kara and Andrea gave excellent presentations of their work. We were also able to hear presentations by other students researching in the same areas. In addition, we heard Dr. Nicholas Paul, of Fordham University, speak at the plenary session on ‘Missing Men: The Noble Family and the Crisis of the Disappearing Crusader.’ It was a great opportunity for our students.”