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Cedar Crest College Observes Martin Luther King, Jr. Day by Serving the Local Community

To honor Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Cedar Crest faculty and staff traveled to different locations throughout the local community to lend a helping hand and participate in the national day of service. Some helped paint and clean at the Sixth Street Shelter, while others played games and spent time with residents at Phoebe Ministries, Good Shepherd Rehabilitation and Cedarbrook.

“I had a great time getting off campus with other faculty and staff members; volunteering our time at one of our community partners,” said Lauren Condon, Assistant Director of Student Activities. “The few hours that we spent at our site will have a huge impact on the people in which they serve. It was a great being part of a nationwide community service initiative and I look forward to next year.”

This is the third year Cedar Crest College has observed Martin Luther King, Jr. Day with a campus wide community service event.

"I chose to participate in MLK Day of Service with my daughter because I want to role model for her the characteristics I believe are important to co-habitation of this world. As an adult and parent, it is my responsibility to raise children who are socially conscious and aware of the plight of neighbors in our community. Volunteering together today at the Sixth Street Shelter provided many opportunities for us to discuss the concept of service to our friends and neighbors. These are life lessons I hope she carries with her into adulthood. Thank you for the opportunity to participate with our children."

Wendy J. Robb, PhD, RN Associate Professor & Chair of the Nursing Department
Director of the Graduate Nursing Program

"My service today with residents and workers at Phoebe Home was quite powerful. My conversations, both short and long, provided a special meaning to the word "CARE" and I left touched by those whom I met. To Theresa, Lorraine & Willard and most importantly to Cindy, the aide I worked with, thank you for the smiles, the laughs and the friendship for those few hours. You've touched my life and reminded me why CARING is so important!"

Audra Kahr
Chief Financial Officer

"Experiences like I had today, wiping down countertops and railings with a wet rag for a few hours, and having the opportunity to hear about the passions of people who want to help others, is why I work in the Lutz Center for Community Service. Service is humbling, and self-sacrificing. I appreciate the opportunities I have had, and continue to have at Cedar Crest College. Without attending this college, I never would have had the chance to discover that I have a heart of service."

Jessica Witkowski

"My colleague and I helped a pair of volunteer artists at Sacred Heart teach oil painting technique to severely disabled clients. Neither of us were fine arts painters. We were told to guide our clients hands as we copied a picture they had chosen to paint. Pretty soon we were all laughing together and having a great time. And our collaborative art work looked pretty good."

Eileen V. Kelliher
Foundation and Government Relations
Institutional Advancement Office

"As a newcomer to the Lehigh Valley, serving with Cedar Crest's MLK Day of Service provided me with a great introduction to the wonderful services Good Shepherd provides to its residents. This experience was humbling, a reminder to be thankful for what we each have, and inspiring, a reminder of how just many people in our community depend on volunteers on a daily basis. It was rewarding to spend the morning with some of Good Shepherd's residents and I appreciated the opportunity to both learn about their needs and ways I can get involved with Good Shepherd in the future."

Calley Stevens Taylor
Director of Student Success and Retention