Leadership Profile

Cedar Crest Employees
Honored for Service

As it does every year during the holiday season, Cedar Crest College recognized faculty and staff members who have reached milestones in their service on campus. All of those honored received a College-themed gift based on the award they earned. Those who were recognized this year include:

  • Maynard Cressman, chair of social sciences and director of the social work program, has served the College for 35 years as a faculty member.
  • Tammy Eddinger, office manager in the nursing department, earned the Staff Award for 2012, which recognizes the most outstanding staff member for the year.

Staff Award

Tammy Eddinger

35 Years

Maynard Cressman
Social Sciences

25 Years

Margaret (Peg) Shupp Enrollment Management
Suzanne Weaver Social Sciences

20 Years

James Brancato Communications
Barbara Farley Academic Services
Lesley Jones Nutrition
Valerie Kreiser Student Financial Services
Judith Malitsch Biological Sciences
Allen Richardson Social Sciences
Hyacinth Vedage Chemical and Physical Sciences

15 Years

John Anders CSI Custodial Staff
Nancy Johnston Nursing
Joan Timalonis Nursing
Cheryl Wenner Office of the President
Debra Woodruff-Capper Nursing

10 Years

Susan Danish Rodale Aquatic Center
Audrey Ettinger Biological Sciences
Amy Faivre Biological Sciences
Lynn (Kenza) Glass Academic Services
Roger Hawkey Campus Police
Haydee Gonzales CSI Custodial Staff
Sharon Isaac Parkhurst Dining Service
Ruth Kerchner Parkhurst Dining Service
Richard Kliman Biological Sciences
Mike Morgan Parkhurst Dining Service
Barbara Ohm Parkhurst Dining Service
Beth Oudin Athletics
Lawrence Quarino Chemical and Physical Sciences
Seth Rehrig Printing Services
Robert White CSI Custodial Staff
Robert Wilson MFA in Creative Writing

5 Years

Kim Adamson Student Financial Services
Rebecca Arnold Art
Ybolya Balog Business Management & Economics
Karen Dorney Office of the President
Audrey Druckenmiller Education
Paul Edinger Information Technology
Brandi Furry Institutional Advancement
Brenna Ganther Barnes & Noble Bookstore
Kelsey Hart Mailroom
Andrea Helwig Student Financial Services
Tiffany Janis Parkhurst Dining Service
Marcia Kalista-Richards Nutrition
Shawn Keller Grounds Department
Charles Malitsch Biological Sciences
Scott Parkinson Cressman Library
Alicia Shussett Nursing
Lyn Williams Institutional Research

1 Year

Wayne Degan Campus Police
David Fairchild Maintenance
Jenelle Henry Career Planning
William Hunt Parkhurst Dining Service
Joseph Hutzayluk Maintenance
Christopher Longcor Maintenance
Ann Ludman Admissions
Sarah Mahoney Nursing
David Myers Campus Police
Amber Nichols Admissions
Ned Rauch-Mannino Institutional Advancement
Philip Rector Rodale Aquatic Center
Veronica Rivera Parkhurst Dining Service
Elieen Ryan CSI Custodial Staff
Andrea Shook Nursing
Bonnie Sofarelli School of Adult and Graduate Education
Megan Stauffer Finance Office
Ann Sywensky Admissions
Joshua Tehonica Admissions
Lindsey Welch Chemical and Physical Sciences
Irene Wentzell School of Adult and Graduate Education
Precious Yamaguchi Communications