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Cedar Crest Staff Members
of the Year

Congratulations to Walter Baransky and Barbara Farley, co-recipients of this year’s staff member of the year award. Both received several nominations that spoke to their hard work, dedication and positive attitudes that have made them stand-out employees of the College. Walter Baransky is the Director of General Services/Telecommunications and Barbara Farley is the Administrative Assistant in the Academic Services Department.

Walter Baransky and Barbara Farley

About Barbara Farley

“Barb is the ‘face’ of Academic Services. She is the first person you see when you walk in the door and she always greets you with a smile while inquiring how she can help and directing you to the services and personnel you need or while scheduling an appointment. Barb is comforting and empathetic to shy, insecure, or troubled students who often confide important information to her that helps Academic Services provide these students the most complete services available to them from AS and from other campus resources. Barb is just as good assisting staff and faculty and always has a ready laugh while taking down the details of your project and then getting the results back in the most timely manner. Barb is the friendly “voice” of Academic Services and manages and directs all of the many calls and messages that come into the office every day.

What makes Barb all the more remarkable is not only that she does all of these things, she does them with no fuss, no muss, no drama just all efficiency and friendliness and professionalism and extreme competence and good humor. Barb has many long years of service to Cedar Crest College and has always risen to every occasion and every request. She is a real team player who looks out for the interests of the College, the departments she serves, the faculty, staff and students. Barb is a tremendously deserving and qualified member of our staff community whether considering length of service or breadth of the impact of her service across campus.”

- Lynn Ritter, Transfer Advisor in the Academic Services Department

About Walter Baransky

"I have had the pleasure to work closely with Walter for the last 8 years and I firmly believe his dedication to the College is exemplary. Walter has worked at the College for 20 years, in various roles, and routinely volunteers his time to other departments as needed. I have found that Walter has gone above and beyond his normal job duties, embracing the service to others above self. While I have worked with Walter as both a colleague and a direct report, I can say that have always been able to count on him regardless of the situation at hand.

"Those of you who have had the opportunity to work with Walter know his service is top notch. His priority is the person he is serving and takes great pride in ensuring that the end user is satisfied. Many times Walter goes above and beyond what is requested without being asked. Walter also does this with a smile and with the student’s best interest as heart. I value Walter as a critical member to my team as he allows me to effectively manage my area and lead it to the next level."

-Audra Kahr, Chief Financial Officer