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Cedar Crest Saddened by Passing of Education Champion Inez Donley

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Cedar Crest College is deeply saddened by the passing of Inez Donley, 97, on Sunday–who along with her husband, former College Trustee and retired Air Products Inc. President and CEO Ed Donley, has been a champion of higher education and ardent supporter of Cedar Crest College.

The couple met seven decades ago while both were employed at Air Products, and from their union sprouted a legacy of philanthropy that will have a lasting impact at Cedar Crest College and the rest of the Lehigh Valley for years to come.

By all accounts the Donley’s were strong believers that everyone should have access to the opportunities that a college education affords, which is why they endowed the Inez Cantrell Donley Scholarship to provide financial assistance to Cedar Crest College students with substantial financial need and high values. The couple also provided funding for the Inez Cantrell Donley Education Demonstration Classroom at Cedar Crest, which helps aspiring teachers learn the skills they need to be successful and nurture the next generation of educators.

Outside of our campus, The Donleys worked just as hard to advance the causes of children, justice, economic development, and equal opportunity. As president of the board of the Allentown Library, Inez championed education, literacy and library access for all in the Lehigh Valley. She assisted the library in raising funds to build and expand its operations, and has given similar assistance to other local organizations including the YMCA and YWCA, Salvation Army, American Cancer Society, and Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Hospital. She was a charter member of the Lehigh Valley Hospital and has volunteered many hours there.

Ed Donley has served on many boards and committees over the years including President Bush’s Education 2000 Committee and the Lehigh Valley 2000: A Business-Education Partnership, in addition to his work on the Cedar Crest College Board of Trustees.

While Inez Donley lived a rich and full life, husband, Ed, was quoted in the Morning Call saying: “She’ll be missed by many people, including her husband.”

To that, the Cedar Crest College community and all the young women who have been able to get a college education because of the generosity of the Donleys say a resounding, “Thank You.”


Cedar Crest students express their gratitude:

"Thank you very much for your generosity. I cannot express how appreciative I am of your philanthropy for yet another academic year at Cedar Crest College.

This scholarship will always be remembered in my heart. I am tremendously thankful for your kindness. "

Marlana Hurd


"I would like to take the time to thank you once again for your contribution to my education. I am looking forward to graduating in the spring and want to thank you again for helping me achieve my goals. It is greatly appreciated."

Julia Buscher


"I'd really like to thank you for supporting Cedar Crest and supporting my education. The scholarship I have received means so much to me.

Your scholarship could not be more appreciated.You may not get to see the impact it has made but please be assured that I value my education more than anything and I will make the very best out of what I am given. Thank you so much!"

Lindsey Townsend