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Cedar Crest Alumna is Making it by Breaking into the Music Business

Lelica (Callaremi) Palecco ’07Cedar Crest College graduate Lelica (Callaremi) Palecco ’07 has just finished recording her debut album titled, Not a Moment Too Late, and a portion of one of the songs, “Come Away with Me,” played during the ABC Family Show, Make It or Break It, which aired Monday. The album is produced by Green Chapel Records/Marinetti Productions in New Jersey, and an album release party is slated for Friday, February 26, 10:00 p.m. at Bernie’s Hillside Lounge in Chester, N.J.

Palecco—a management graduate from Cedar Crest who presently considers singing her primary career, though she is also active in her family’s car dealership in New Jersey—said six songs from the album are under contract for use in television and film.

“Music has always been my dream, but it was a dream that had always seemed so far out of reach. I feel extremely lucky to have been signed to my record label and to be able to learn so much about the recording process,” she said. “My biggest dream is just to have my voice heard through these amazing songs. Maybe one day I'll be a big enough artist that I will be able to give back to charitable organizations that deserve it.”

Ironically, Palecco embarked on a music career after high school and enrolled at Cedar Crest a couple of years later when her dream appeared to be out of reach. Now, her college experiences are aiding her as a career in singing has become reality.

“Cedar Crest College allowed me to grow and taught me not only the business skills I needed, but as one of the leading women in business colleges in the area, how to be successful as a woman,” she said.