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Faculty Member/Blogger on Panel to Discuss ‘Print Media in the 21st Century’

Michael DonovanMichael Donovan, MBA, associate professor of business, management and economics—and a blogger—was part of a panel discussion on “Print Media in the 21st Century,” held jointly by the East Penn and Western Lehigh chambers of commerce on Feb. 17. The panel also included representatives from The Parkland Press, The Morning Call, and The Express-Times newspapers.

Donovan said the desire of readers to have relatively free information continues to be a predicament for many print and online media outlets, which depend on great amounts of advertising and subscribers to boost revenues and sustain costly operations. On the other hand, independent bloggers can operate inexpensively, but face challenges in distinguishing themselves and growing an audience in competition with millions of online blogs.

“A person or an institution has to reach scale—and thus invest—in order to attract advertising or be able to use the medium to promote a successful business model. The next generation will probably figure out how to best use blogs—whether journalistically, as a commentary, public relations tool, or simply a way to communicate. Whether we can maintain journalistic integrity, a core principle to freedom of the press, will always be a question of utmost importance,” Donovan said.