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Professor Cressman to Host 'Meditation with Maynard' Program Wednesday at Noon

Maynard CressmanMaynard Cressman, associate professor and chair of the social sciences department at Cedar Crest, will host a program titled, “Meditation with Maynard,” Wednesday at noon in the Lees Memorial Chapel in Alumnae Hall.

During the busy semester, members of the campus community can get so bogged down with work and other responsibilities that they forget or simply don’t have time to unwind. Participants in this program should be prepared to take off their shoes and sit on cushions as they learn to relieve stress and increase awareness from one of the campus’ most notable advocates for relaxation.

This program is part of the Wellness Wednesdays series currently being held on campus. Healthy U Participants earn five education points for attending.

For information call 610-606-4666, ext. 3667, or send email to Vmdonohu@cedarcrest.edu.