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In Recycled Art Competition at Cedar Crest, Old Shoe and Aluminum Cans Win the Day

Andrea HargroveCedar Crest College senior Andrea Hargrove won the first-ever RecycleMania recycled art competition this week with an interesting piece that included an old pair of crocs shoes decorated with flowers made out of Wild Cherry Pepsi aluminum cans and shards of glass from broken bottles. The English major said she created the art piece as something new to do and as a way to relieve stress.

"I always separate cans and bottles and often paper, too, but I never thought about making something out of these items before," she said, adding that the malleability of the aluminum cans made them easy to cut and shape. "It was fun to do and therapeutic. The fact that I happened to win was an added bonus."
Hargrove said of her motivation for creating the piece: "The competition required that the art works fit into a shoe box, so that's how I got the idea to use the shoe. For the design, I was trying to get something organic to juxtapose with all of the metal and glass, the industrial-type materials I was working with."

Roxanne Shupp, coordinator of the RecycleMania program, said of Hargrove's project: "Her piece showed intense creativity and her use of materials was extraordinary. Creating flowers out of a soda can was unique and the arrangement was perfect."