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Education Graduate Saluted by Local Radio Station

Amanda Frick ’09 was recently selected as the Teacher Salute winner for February by local music station B104 FM.

Amanda FrickFrick graduated from Cedar Crest with a B.S. in elementary education and special education. Soon after, Amanda landed a job at Seven Generations Charter School in Emmaus, where students “engage in activities focused on sustainable living, environmental stewardship, and respect for our planet and all living things.”

The B104 FM Teacher Salute Award is given monthly to a teacher nominated by a student or parent for her outstanding efforts. Frick was nominated by one of her student’s mothers.

“Ms. Amanda Frick is absolutely the best teacher!! My daughter, Anna, comes home laughing and telling me how wonderful her day is having Ms. Frick as her teacher,” the nomination said. “Amanda is so involved with the children’s learning in a fun and interactive way by dancing, listening to music, and sharing her creative stories with the children. I almost couldn’t believe my ears over the holiday break when my little Anna was actually counting down the days to go back to school!!”

Frick credits her Cedar Crest education with encouraging her to think “outside the box.”

“Cedar Crest College prepared me for this job. They always wanted me to ask why and taught me to reflect on each lesson and ask, ‘what can I do to make it better?’” she said. “This push to reflect is what made me a positive teacher for students today. I value my time and education at Cedar Crest and am excited to see where my future career takes me.”