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Art Department Chair’s Work Is Featured in Canadian Exhibition

Jill Odegaard, M.F.A., chair of the art department at Cedar Crest College, is one of more than two dozen artists whose art will be displayed in an exhibition titled, Around the Frayed Edges, through May 29 at the Agnes Jamieson Gallery in Minden, Ontario, Canada. The exhibit, which showcases work that pushes the limits of what an artist can do with fiber today, opened on March 19.

Odegaard’s artwork, titled Spaces Between, is a wall hanging made of colored fabric of various textures, aluminum wire and thread. Each strip of fabric has an aluminum wire sewn inside to allow for structural support and the ability to manipulate the wall hanging. The installation of the piece requires that it hangs away from the wall about six inches.

“Spaces Between is a reflection on the structural format of the grid. The structure evolves as emphasis is placed on the spaces between that are an essential component of the whole. I infuse an organic and irregular quality of the stitch to emphasize the mark of the handmade,” she said.

Jill Odegaard