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With Inspiration and Education, Cedar Crest Student is Ready to Make a Difference in Health Care

Stephanie Sarge and Loretta Gogel

When Cedar Crest nursing student Stephanie Sarge receives her bachelor’s degree in June, she’ll do so with a bit of extra incentive to provide the very best in patient care, thanks to her own childhood experience. When Sarge was 12, she spent more than two weeks at Lehigh Valley Hospital-Cedar Crest recovering from a bout with strep bacterial pneumonia. There, she met Loretta Gogel, R.N., a nurse whose compassionate care made a lasting impression on Sarge and her family. After Sarge recovered and left the hospital, the family kept in touch with Gogel.

As a high school junior, Sarge visited Gogel on the pediatric unit, bringing flowers and important news: because of the compassionate care she had received years earlier, Sarge was going to study nursing in college. Today, the 23 year old is ready to pay Gogel’s compassion forward and make her own mark in the world of pediatric nursing.

“I wanted to be that person at the bedside using my expertise to help,” said Sarge, of Andreas, Pa. “Loretta is a great role model and I still look up to her.”
Of course, her Cedar Crest College education has equipped her with the tools to make a difference in the health care field.

“One thing I love about the nursing program at Cedar Crest is that you are able to learn an abundant amount of information within the classroom, then take that information and apply it first hand in clinical. The nursing faculty has always done a great job at making sure students get the most out of each experience,” she said.




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