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What's Happening at Cedar Crest College

Student DanceWorks: In the Studio with Carly Wolfe

Student DanceWorks is a dance program featuring original choreography from Cedar Crest College students. Public performances were held in the Samuels Theatre of Tompkins College Center.

Student Choreographer: Carly Wolfe
Class and Major: 2012, Education
Hometown: Monroe, CT
Favorite Dance Styles: Lyrical, Modern, Tap, Jazz

Why She Dances: “I started dancing at age four. I just enjoy having dance as an outlet to express various emotions. Cedar Crest has given me the opportunity to grow and step out of my comfort level, especially by choreographing my own piece.”

Title of Piece Featured in Student DanceWorks: “Creation.” The piece highlights the four elements of nature through different types of dance: fire-jazz; Earth-modern; air-lyrical/ballet; and water-modern and tap combined.