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Writing Contests Bring out the Best in Students

Preterite, the Cedar Crest College literary club, recently held its annual writing contest for students. More than 55 entries were blind reviewed by a panel including three student judges, three faculty judges from within the humanities department, and three faculty judges from outside the humanities department. The following students earned top honors:

1st: “The Point of Papers”—Lindsey Jancay
2nd: “Superimposition”—Jessica Bolluyt
3rd: “The Upstairs Family”—Sascha Fink

1st: “A Map of the World”—Jessica Bolluyt
2nd: “What He Can’t”—Jennifer Wendel
3rd: “Just in Time for the Fall . . .out”—Maureen Manning

Creative Nonfiction:
1st: “Hand Cut Haven”—Lindsey Jancay
2nd: Untitled—Sascha Fink
3rd: “Childhood”—Rose Marsh

“I feel honored that my work has placed in poetry and in fiction,” said Bolluyt, a junior English major. “For me, writing is a constant experiment and a continual learning process, so I’m glad that my work has in some way struck a chord with those who read it.” Bolluyt’s “Superimposition” is a story that is, literally, the superimposition of two different texts. Both tell the same story, but from the perspective of different characters, and when read individually and then together, they form three different versions of the same story. “A Map of the World” is a poem about perceiving the world and wanting to be able to define it. It’s a statement that the clinical precision of language can’t capture the true nature of the color and motion of the world, according to the author.

The winning entries will be published in Preterite’s literary magazine, Onyx. English Professor LuAnn Fletcher said the writing in this year’s contest was exemplary.

“Each year, I marvel at the fresh perspectives and sense of craft our best creative writers express in the work they submit for Preterite’s writing contest,” said Fletcher. “This year is no exception. The contest’s winning entries and the work featured in our new arts and literature journal, Pitch, affirm the quality and energy of our artists’ community at the College.”

In addition, the writing program at Cedar Crest College recently held its annual scholarly college writing contest. More than 20 entries were blind reviewed by four faculty judges. Top finishers were:

Freshman Writing:
1st Place: “Linking Education and Memory”—Stephanie Augustine
2nd Place: “Subversively Claiming an Education”—Marguerite Mullin

Writing in an Academic Discipline:
1st Place: “Imagination: The Divine Gift”—Susan J. Lorenz
2nd Place: “Realizing Weight”—Lindsey Jancay
3rd Place: “The Search for Sexual Identity in Susan Minot’s ‘Lust’ and Achy Obejas’s ‘We Came All the Way from Cuba So You Could Dress Like This?’”—Maureen Leupold

The literary club and the writing program director, Professor Robert Wilson, invite the campus community to join them for a reception on Sunday, May 1 at 2 p.m. in the Tompkins College Center 1867 Room, where contest winners will read from their winning work. The college’s online arts and literature journal, Pitch, will also be launched at this reception.

For information send e-mail to lmfletch@cedarcrest.edu.