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What's Happening at Cedar Crest College

Hindu Holi Festival of Colors Celebration at Cedar Crest on Friday

Cedar Crest students in the campus’ Society of Asian Animation are holding a Holi Festival of Colors celebration on the Lees Hall lawn this Friday, April 30, beginning at 11 a.m. Holi is a spring festival celebrated in countries with large Hindu populations to usher in the spring season.

One popular notion is that Holi is derived from an ancient tale of Lord Krishna smearing colored powder over his consort Radha, due to his jealousy over her fair skin tone. Being the playful god that he is, he began throwing the powder at other people, and so the tradition began. During Holi, participants smear powder on each other and make other colorful demonstrations.

The Cedar Crest event already has a maximum number of participants, but the campus community is invited to watch this staple of Hindu culture. The Holi event at Cedar Crest was inspired by a school trip to India during semester break this winter, during which students were able to participate in the Holi tradition, said Christine Hickey, vice president of the Society of Asian Animation.

For information on the Holi festival at Cedar Crest send e-mail to otakuano@cedarcrest.edu.