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Cedar Crest Researchers Featured in Prestigious Journal

Lawrence Quarino, head of the forensic science program at Cedar Crest College, and alumnae Christina Mulligan ’08, ’09, and Stacie Kaufman, ’08, ’09 published a paper in the latest edition of the Journal of Forensic Science (Vol. 56, No. 20) titled “The Utility of Polyester and Cotton as Swabbing Substrates for the Removal of Cellular Material from Surfaces.”

Lawrence Quarino and Stacie Kaufman

More and more, DNA evidence in minor crimes is being used to identify suspects in major crimes. The Cedar Crest research team examined what the ideal material would be for swabbing evidence for DNA. Quarino said they found that it is not so much the type of material employed but the construction of the material that is the most critical. Medium thread count woven swabs appear optimal for this type of work. He added that they have already had several inquiries on the research from around the world.

Christina Mulligan is 2008 graduate with a bachelor of science in genetic engineering with a concentration in forensic science, and a 2009 graduate of the master of science in forensic science program. She currently works for the United States Army Criminal Investigations Laboratory in Forest Park, Ga., and is schedule to be deployed to Afghanistan in May as part of the Army’s Expeditionary Forensic Science Laboratory.

Stacie Kaufman is a 2008 graduate with a bachelor of science in biology with a concentration in forensic science and a 2009 graduate of the master of science in forensic science program. She is now a criminalist at the New York City Police Department Forensic Science Laboratory in Jamaica, N.Y.

“Christina and Stacie are two of the hardest working students we ever had in the program. They were also two of the highest achieving,” said Quarino. “Both won scholarships from professional forensic science organizations and each presented at a regional, national, and international forensic science conference.”

In unrelated news, Quarino was elected chair of the Forensic Science Education Programs Accreditation Commission (FEPAC) at the 63rd Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences held in Chicago in February.