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Performing Arts Students Attend Tech. Conference

Performing arts faculty members Kevin Gallagher and Rebecca Callan took six students to Charlotte, N.C., during spring break for a United States Institute for Theatre Technology (USITT) conference. Cedar Crest students who attended were senior Kathleen Cancelino; juniors Caitlin Bailey, Ashley Dymond and Colleen Shea; sophomore Sarah Brennan; and first-year student Jessica Moody.

Cedar Crest Students at USITT

USITT connects performing arts design and technology communities to ensure a vibrant dialog among practitioners, educators, and students. Students and faculty participated in presentations, workshops and a stage exposition over the course of five days. Topics covered all aspects from technology and management in the performing arts to safety and how to “live long and prosper” in the performing arts. Specific topics included state of the art motion controls in lighting and machinery; multimedia creations and production; digital design; implementing safety guidelines and regulation; leading leaders; interviewing in the performing arts; resume/portfolio reviews; and more.

Gallagher said of this opportunity for his students to catch up on the latest in theater technology: “It was well worth the time and effort. It’s great to see our students’ faces light up when they engage with like-minded students from all over the country.”

Student Kat Cancelino said of her experience: “This is my third USITT conference and I learn more and more each time.”

Student Jessica Moody added: “I couldn’t have picked a better way to spend my first spring break at CCC.”

Performing arts faculty and students attend USITT conferences on an annual basis. Conference sites have included Louisville, Ky., Cincinnati, Ohio and Houston, Texas. Upcoming conferences will be held in Towson, Md. and Long Beach, Ca.