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Alexandra Edgington-Giordano: ‘Cedar Crest Has a Fantastic Support Structure’

Alexandra Edgington-GiordanoThis Saturday, Alexandra Edgington-Giordano will earn her bachelor’s degree from Cedar Crest College in technical theatre and integrated art. Four years ago, forecasting such an achievement would’ve taken a great deal of faith. Back then, Edgington-Giordano was at another small college, partying too much and causing her type 1 diabetes to spiral out of control.

“I was a freshman and I just made one mistake after another,” she said. “My life just basically crumbled.” After landing in the hospital for a time and returning home to decide her future, she chose to make a fresh start at Cedar Crest College. This Alexandra Edgington-Giordanotime, Edgington-Giordano said she felt immediate support the moment she stepped on campus.

“When I first started here as a freshman I started making some mistakes, but Cedar Crest has a fantastic support structure,” she said. “Between the friends and the professors, they realized what was going on and told me that I had to stop doing what I was doing. I started listening, and I’ve been completely healthy for the last four years.”

The change in lifestyle has allowed Edgington-Giordano to excel in the classroom, as well. She has been on the dean’s list, and said her grades this semester will Alexandra Edgington-Giordanolikely make her eligible for the honor. The fact that she has found her passion in lighting design—which she plans to study in graduate school at University of Arizona this fall—certainly provides ample motivation. In addition to her involvement with many of Cedar Crest College’s theatrical productions, she has done work for area productions at Lehigh and Muhlenberg universities, as well as area high schools.

Edgington-Giordano is president of the Cedar Crest chapter of Alpha Psi Omega—the national theatre honor society—and vice president of the campus’ Buskin Society, the technical theatre club on campus. She has blossomed at Cedar Crest and said the same opportunities are available to all students at the College.
“If you’re not getting everything you want out of this school, it’s because that’s the choice you have made,” she said. “There are many things to do and many ways to be involved and getting to take a leadership role in them is one of the many benefits of attending a small women’s college like Cedar Crest.”