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Preterite Launches Pitch Online Arts Journal

The Cedar Crest literary club, Preterite, launched its first-ever online journal of arts earlier this month. Pitch, which supplements the print literary magazine Onyx, contains publicized pieces of art (black and white or color photography, photographs of artwork, digital art or video), as well as works of literature in fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry. Pitch also contains the most recent digital version of Onyx, which features the winners of Preterite’s annual writing contest.


“I am so honored to have had the opportunity to be the editor for Pitch. As anyone who visits the site can see, we have some amazing artists and writers on this campus and didn’t really have an appropriate venue to show their work,” said Lindsey Jancay, editor of Pitch. “Pitch was established in the hope that we could represent the art and writing of Cedar Crest students in a connected and accessible fashion. One of the most exciting things about Pitch is that we are able to connect to alumnae as well.”

Pitch accepts submissions on a rolling basis, and undergraduate and graduate students of the college are free to submit any of the types of works mentioned above. If it is chosen by the editors for publication, it will appear. Interested parties can also cross-submit pieces for both Onyx and Pitch as a part of the writing contest.

Please direct any questions about Pitch to editor Lindsey Jancay at lnjancay@cedarcrest.edu, or to the Cedar Crest literary club, Preterite, at preterite@cedarcrest.edu.