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The ‘Wright’ Stuff: Adult Student Earns Dual Degrees at Cedar Crest

Sally WrightWhen Sally Wright graduated from William Allen High School in Allentown in the late 1970s, the thought of going to college quickly faded as she got married and started a family digital imaging business. Three decades later, she’s not only graduating from Cedar Crest College this week, she’s doing so with her second bachelor’s degree in less than a year.

Last summer, Wright completed the nursing program at Cedar Crest and earned her degree. Nine months later, she is ready to collect another degree in art. The two degrees may seem worlds apart, but Wright insists they have more in common than meets the eye.

“I find them extremely connected. Both are creative and both educate,” she said. “Art opens people’s eyes to look at things differently. With nursing, because no two situations or illnesses are exactly the same, the nurse needs to use her judgment to help the patient and family. Both art and nursing offer a multitude of resolutions."

Wright’s adult educational journey began when she enrolled for classes at a local community college in 2004, and is has continued after her transfer to Cedar Crest in 2006. The mother of three grown children has been working at Lehigh Valley Hospital-Cedar Crest and taking courses for several years. Working and taking courses can be challenging, but the rewards outweigh the sacrifices, she said.
“The work itself isn’t easy, but returning to the classroom is actually much easier than the fears you have would make you believe,” she said. “I have gotten a wonderful education at Cedar Crest. I have felt very welcome in every class I’ve taken by my peers and the instructors, despite the fact that I am older than some of the students. I think the fact that Cedar Crest is a women’s college may have helped with that.”

Wright said she plans to enroll in a program to study toward her master of science in nursing and master of fine arts degrees, though she doesn’t have definitive plans at this time.