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What's Happening at Cedar Crest College

Allentown Mother and Daughter to Earn Bachelor’s Degrees from Cedar Crest on May 15

The Klaassens

Justine Klaassen of Allentown began college at Lebanon Valley College in the fall of 2005 with high hopes of earning her bachelor’s degree in psychobiology. A few months later her mother Donna—a registered nurse—enrolled in the nursing program at Cedar Crest College to earn her bachelor’s degree.

After two years at Lebanon Valley College that yielded mediocre grades, Donna suggested that Justine move back home and try Cedar Crest College as a commuter student. Three years later, mom and daughter are just days away from earning nursing and psychology degrees, respectively, from Cedar Crest. Commencement for 405 baccalaureate and graduate students this Saturday.

“The environments at the two schools are similar, but I was just too distracted; not focused enough on my studies,” said Justine. “Mom found the program here (psychology with a forensic science concentration) for me. She wanted me to come here.”

“I have gotten a good education here, and everyone I talk to says the same thing,” said Donna of her Cedar Crest College experience. She has been attending courses at Cedar Crest while working as a registered nurse at Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Hospital –Allentown. “The profs are helpful and nice; it just seems like a little community.”

Both of the Klaassen’s boast GPAs in the 3.5 range and each has made the dean’s list during their time at Cedar Crest. They are excited about earning their bachelor’s degrees from Cedar Crest, but they are also quick to acknowledge that this is just one step on their educational journey. Donna plans to continue her studies at Cedar Crest in business administration, while Justine said she plans to enroll in the master of psychology program at Towson University in Maryland this fall, and eventually study for her Ph.D.

Donna said she hopes earning this degree and furthering her studies in the fall will help her advance her career in the nursing field. She implores other adult students who are considering a return to the classroom to take that leap of faith.

“I say ‘go for it.’ It’s always good to further your education,” she said.