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What's Happening at Cedar Crest College

Renowned Reading Expert Shares Expertise

Tim Rasinski, Ph.D., one of the foremost reading education experts in the world and a professor of literacy education at Kent State University, was at Cedar Crest College on April 21 to meet with area teachers and present a lecture.

Rasinski has written over 200 articles and many books, and he is author of the best-selling book on reading fluency titled, The Fluent Reader, published by Scholastic and now in its second edition. He recently served a three-year term on the board of directors of the International Reading Association.

During his day at Cedar Crest, Rasinski and College President Carmen Twillie Ambar held a special reception at the President’s residence across the street from campus, where they spent time talking about education issues with teachers and others from area school districts. These guests also had an opportunity to network with college education faculty and current students.

Tim Rasinski at President's Residence

That evening, Rasinksi presented a lecture to an audience of more than 100 educators, college students and alumnae, and community members titled, “The Art of Teaching Reading,” during which he challenged teachers to go beyond the science of teaching reading and remember that teaching reading is also an art. The audience participated in songs and poetry as a way to illustrate that learning to read can go beyond the textbook.

“The audience was inspired by Tim's message. He reminded us that teaching students to read fluently goes beyond counting the number of words per minute, to challenging kids to read with expression and voice,” said Jill Purdy, director of master of education programs. “The resounding message was to remember the ‘Art’ of teaching reading.”